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Sunrise Hash

From 1986 to 2016, Russell O’Grady, a McDonald’s employee with Down’s Syndrome, has brought smiles to many customers’ faces. The store recently celebrated his 30th anniversary on the job. Russell had started working at McDonald’s when he was 18. Today, he is a local hero at McDonald’s Northmead, in west…More

McDonald's in Goa
What's Hot

Now, bite into your McDonald’s burger and raise a toast with a pocket full of fries at Goa – because McDonald’s is now open in the state! The first restaurant is located at Mall de Goa, on the NH17 highway in Porvorim. Spread over 1090 sq ft, this is McDonald’s…More

Bachcha's Day Out
Good Communities

A ride in a 50 seater bus, followed by a magic show and a Happy Meal. Even for an adult, these are nothing less than simple joys of life. So you can imagine the excitement of kids from Aadhar Youth Foundation who rode the bus to McDonald’s Airoli last week…More

Good Food Journey

How do you make a great dish? Is it the method of preparation or the type of dish? Or more than that, is it fresh and flavorful ingredients? Isn’t it true that if you fail to use good quality ingredients, the dish would also be unsatisfactory? Just like a dish…More

Sunrise Hash

When you plan your next visit to a McDonald’s restaurant, do make sure you catch the eye of the store manager there, to accord him or her some respect. That is because in addition to learning on the job, the chances are that he’s been to Hamburger University. This University’s…More