Ingredients Of McDonald’s Success

McDonald's Recipe for Success
How do you make a great dish? Is it the method of preparation or the type of dish? Or more than that, is it fresh and flavorful ingredients? Isn’t it true that if you fail to use good quality ingredients, the dish would also be unsatisfactory? Just like a dish has to have great ingredients, success also depends on careful and sensible steps. The salt in the recipe of success is surely hard work and beyond that a set of strengths are essential to give it that vibrant flavor.

The recipe of McDonald’s success relies in these key ingredients.

Location: We know that when you want to eat out with your friends and family, you would love it if there is a good restaurant somewhere nearby. You would like a place that is easily accessible for your entire gang of friends. And if you are passing by shopping malls, you would prefer something for which you do not have to go all the way to the higher floors in the mall. Hence, McDonald’s stores are mostly located on the ground floors with separate entrances and timings, so you don’t have to wait for the mall to open, in order to get a quick bite.

Service: While serving food anywhere in the world, a smile is a one of the best condiments that can be offered to customers. At McDonald’s, the staff is trained to handle all requests with a smile, even during the rush hours. Yes, a smile goes a long way.

Service with a smile

Hygiene and Cleanliness: At McDonald’s, one can walk up to the Restaurant Manager and ask for a kitchen tour at any time. Besides maintaining a strictly regulated hygienic atmosphere in the kitchens, McDonald’s also has separate veg and non-veg sections. Gloves are a must for the kitchen staff and McDonald’s also makes sure the seating area is cleaned multiple times a day.

Supply Chain: Much before McDonald’s launched its first store in India, it had started looking for local suppliers that could provide the good quality raw material for burgers. McDonald’s tied up with suppliers from all over India and instituted processes that monitor food every step of the way.


Quality: McDonald’s suppliers source nearly 90% of their ingredients directly from farmers. This ensures freshness of ingredients and trace-ability of the produce. The kitchen is kept clean and audits are conducted twice a day to ensure that there is no compromise on quality.

Menu and pricing: Life should be full of choices, right? At McDonald’s, the menu has something for everyone – be it a quick takeaway drink or a full-fledged meal. There are also items tailored to local tastes, like the Aloo Tikki burger and the Pizza McPuff. There are frequent new additions to the menu and the pricing remains standardized across the menu range.

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