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Love our McAloo Tikki Burger, which also happens to be our all-time hot-seller? Now you must try its Mexican avatar—the Mexican McAloo Tikki Burger! Even a single bite of this yummy burger is enough to transport you into a flavourful paradise. An army of fresh, high-quality ingredients dutifully play their…More

The Dossier

Amit Jatia, Vice Chairman, Westlife Development Limited, is the man behind McDonald’s India (West & South). The 20-year journey has not been easy for a restaurant franchise which had to start from scratch to become a 1000-crore business, serving 300 million people a year today. So, how exactly did McDonald’s…More

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On 25 July 2015, McDonald’s launched a new store at Adyar, Chennai with a super successful Bloggers meet. As a part of this meet, a group of food bloggers got to experience some behind the scene action at McDonald’s. And so the fun ensued! The meet was kick-started with a…More