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When the sweet tooth beckons, you have to answer its call. Especially when it is that of chocolate or something more specific like McDonald’s Shake or McDonald’s Chocolate Shake or the more recent ones like McDonald’s KitKat variants. You have to agree: chocolate cravings have their own special place, right?…More

Sunrise Hash

If you are a fan of Nutella, you have a good reason to visit Italy now. McDonald’s Italy has launched ‘Sweety Con’ a sweet burger with Nutella spread between two buns. Initially, some people believed that the Sweety Con burger would have meat as well. But all speculations were put…More

Sunrise Hash

Some are calling it the latest fry innovation. They sure are fries with a delightful twist. McDonald’s Japan now offers French fries covered with chocolate sauce. Yes, you heard it right, McDonald’s Japan is now serving fries with a drizzle of white and regular chocolate sauces. Different kind of toppings…More

Coffee Tales

It might as well be common knowledge to start your day with an espresso and enjoy mocha for late evenings. We know that everyone has their favorite brew and their own preferred style of preparing a coffee. With McDonald’s McCafé, we have carefully picked a collection of McDonald’s coffee, for…More