New year, the loveliest friends, celebrating with GEMS!

Christmas season might be over, but making sweet memories in the New Year will always be in. We know with the holiday season having come to a close, you might want to fill up your schedule again with attending hobby workshops, catching the latest film, or just spending quality-time with your closest mates in town.

And…speaking of making memories that count, we thought of our latest nostalgia-driven addition to the menu that was launched a couple of weeks ago – McDonald’s new McFlurry™ flavor with GEMS. Easily, it has become one of our most favorite menu offerings, seeing the glee on the faces of customers when they order it. This new McFlurry™ flavor had a response that was more than we anticipated, and it was iconic, you could say!

Join us, then, as we continue to celebrate this colorful offering – it’s been a pleasure collaborating on this with Mondelez, and making it a childhood-dream-come-true for you. If you haven’t already gotten to eating this dessert yet, then we suggest you make plans, pronto! We would love to serve you and your favorite mates this new McFlurry™ flavor topped with a sprinkle of Cadbury GEMS.

McDonald’s New McFlurry™ Flavor with GEMS Dessert Menu

Good things come in small packages, particularly in cute, decadently-topped cups of McDonald’s McFlurry™ laden with Cadbury GEMS. Good friends too, become a part of our lives in surprising and sweet ways! Let’s celebrate with them, as we continue to ring in the New Year with good cheer. After all, you must have heard the saying, “Friends who GEMS McFlurry™ together, make memories forever!” *chuckles in McFlurry™*

The McFlurry™ with GEMS menu includes a Sundae with GEMS, Chocolate Milkshake with GEMS, and Strawberry Milkshake with GEMS, that are all available at our outlets in the West and South of India until the offer lasts. Other McFlurry™ flavors include the Oreo® McFlurry™ amongst the creamy McSwirls® soft serve ice creams and more desserts. If you’re in the mood for something savory after, to pair with, we commend your tastebuds: check our menu to order your favorite McDonald’s burgers and sides. You can do this in-store at your nearest outlet or through the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App or McDonald’s App to score good deals. Serve you soon!

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