A Collaboration of Your Dreams: GEMS x McFlurry™

It’s the end of the year, and we could all use some cheer. And boy, do we have a scoop laden with chocolatey goodness for you!


Bring your hands together and say Namaste to our New McFlurry™ Flavor: McFlurry™ with GEMS

YES! For those of us who grew up in India, particularly during the nineties, we have a feeling you might understand why the GEMS collaboration with McFlurry™ is no ordinary thing. Cadbury GEMS was a significant part of growing up in the nineties. There is a sentimental value there that can’t quite be replaced. However, as a sweet feeling, it can be restored now, thanks to a collaboration we wanted but didn’t know we needed! Cue Lizzie McGuire’s hit tune, “This is what dreams are made of…”

McDonald’s soft serve ice creams are beloved around the world – McSwirls® are creamy, dreamy, swirly, and they are a perfect way to sweeten up the palate after a delicious meal of burgers, fries and your favorite sides. Just saying. Now, with the McFlurry™ with GEMS on board, this brand-new McFlurry™ flavor feels like the cherry on top of a particularly decadent sundae. Only this one is topped with childhood nostalgia and rainbow-colored Cadbury GEMS.

It’s a shared excitement amongst all, like in the words of Arvind R.P. CMO, McDonald’s India (W&S): “We are excited to partner with Mondelez to bring these innovative and playful treats to our desserts-loving fans. Gems have been a childhood favorite for many Indians, and we believe this collaboration will create a delightful experience for all. With this unique and playful twist to our iconic McFlurry and other desserts, we are set to provide our customers an enjoyable treat that will not only satisfy their sweet tooth but also offer novelty.”

There are four variants of this special McFlurry™ Flavors collaboration between McDonald’s India and Mondelez: McFlurry™ with GEMS, Sundae with GEMS, our beloved Chocolate Milkshake with Gems, and Strawberry Milkshake with GEMS.

We hope this collaboration will be one for the books, and that McDonald’s New McFlurry™ Flavor stays – it’s just something very sweet to end the year on, wouldn’t you agree? Picture this, or head to a McDonald’s India outlet nearby you and see it for real – your favorite vanilla soft serve ice cream coated with a chocolate dip and that deliciously thick hot fudge sauce, topped with our favorite little friends – the colorful GEMS. It’s like stepping into a time portal. You’re in two worlds – your childhood, and right where you are, at this moment. Of course, everyone’s going to be excited, it’s the colorful additions after all! But, friends, this collaboration, you can think of – as one that was meant for you… Kid from the Nineties, from our hearts to yours.

McDonald’s New McFlurry™ Flavor with GEMS Dessert Menu

McDonald’s India has a variety of dessert offerings – the vanilla and chocolate-coated McSwirls® soft serve ice cream being the most ordered, of the McDonald’s family of treats. The McFlurry™ with GEMS, Sundae with GEMS, Chocolate Milkshake with Gems, and Strawberry Milkshake with GEMS are available as takeaway, on the go as well as for dine-in and Drive-Thru across McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India. We recommend you visit our stores as soon as you can, so you can be sure to get your hands on these treats while the offer is on. In addition to the GEMS McFlurry™, we also have the Oreo® variant of the McFlurry™ amongst our existing McFlurry flavors. If you’d like to order in, you can get your favorite McDonald’s burgers, beverages and more by visiting the McDelivery® website or McDelivery® App. To avail the latest deals, discounts, and offers currently running, order now using the McDonald’s App.

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