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At McDonald’s, we see many people having fun together, in spite of all their differences. But do these differences cause problems? And how do they manage to still stay together? Join Hoezaay as he finds out the truth!More

McDonald's Combo Meal
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Have you seen the McDonald’s #BeDifferentTogether ad? The one where a vegetarian husband and his non vegetarian wife share a meal at McDonald’s? Did you know the inspiration comes from life itself? Remember Marilyn Monroe? Everyone who knew Marilyn Monroe, knew she had very little in common with her close…More

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For all those who would like to know what exactly Junior Maharaja Mac moments are, we bring you three examples. 1. You have great bottle flipping skills and you just showed it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-uWkgIMqDo 2. You just solved a Rubik’s cube in record time! Solving a Rubik’s cube only looks simple.…More

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Have you noticed how one TV ad looks just like another, with a rare commercial that makes you sit up? They even seem to have been shot the same way. But not the latest ad about McDonald’s Junior Maharaja Mac by Leo Burnett. Disrupting the way TVCs are shot, portions…More

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Mrs. D’Souza and Mr. Damle live by themselves in Mumbai. Neighbours, and getting on in years, Mrs. D’Souza and Mr. Damle are forever squabbling, finding fault with each other. There is always something that gets the other going: loud music in his house, her dog chewing his slippers, his car…More

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When two seven year olds decide to be cool about being a boyfriend and a girlfriend over a McAloo Tikki burger, it was a truly awww moment. It was one of the first McDonald’s ads that celebrated love. At first, it may look like a typical boy meets girl ad,…More

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In the 20 years that McDonald’s has been in India, it has made a place in people’s lives not only through its restaurants and unique menu items, but also struck an emotional chord through its out-of-the-box advertisements. Here are five of the many ads that captured McDonald’s essence perfectly: 1. I’m…More

Sunrise Hash

This actor confesses his love to a girl in one scene and cries with helplessness after a shark attack in the other, delivering an award winning performance in each take. Watch the video to guess what inspires him.More