Different Strokes of Love At McDonald’s

When two seven year olds decide to be cool about being a boyfriend and a girlfriend over a McAloo Tikki burger, it was a truly awww moment. It was one of the first McDonald’s ads that celebrated love.

At first, it may look like a typical boy meets girl ad, but wait a moment till you see the guy offering a chair to the girl in the sweetest possible way. Sparks fly and we hope they meet again.

Arranged marriages can be unpredictable, sometimes in the best possible way. This ad shows a husband and wife bond over a soft serve at McDonald’s. The ad shows what most of us already know but keep forgetting- it is the little gestures that matter the most.

Though this ad was launched to celebrate 20 years of McDonald’s in India, love was the underlying theme. Watch the ad to see how some things haven’t changed at McDonald’s. This is to all the beautiful couples who first met at McDonald’s.

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