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Summer is here!!!! You know what that means. LOTS OF ICE CREAM! McDonald’s is iconic for many of its products. From delicious burgers (Hello, McChicken®! Hello, McVeggie®!) to McDonald’s fries, to the Chicken McNuggets® and more, our classics are special and loved in their own right. And, McDonald’s Soft Serve…More

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Summer is around the corner, and so is our need to scream for ‘soft serve’ ice cream! Soft-serve-style ice cream is enjoyed, world over, and rightly so. It’s comforting and cooling on the palate, all while being creamy and oh-so-delicious! Our McFlurry™ flavors are made similarly – it’s soft-serve-style ice…More

What's Hot

It’s Soft Serve Ice Cream Day on 19 August—the perfect opportunity to celebrate this blockbuster cold dessert! A soft serve ice cream is different from regular ice cream due to its air content (introduced at the time of freezing), lower milk fat, and heavenly soft texture. (No wonder it’s called…More