In our ‘Soft Serve summer’ era!

Summer is here!!!!

You know what that means. LOTS OF ICE CREAM!

McDonald’s is iconic for many of its products. From delicious burgers (Hello, McChicken®! Hello, McVeggie®!) to McDonald’s fries, to the Chicken McNuggets® and more, our classics are special and loved in their own right. And, McDonald’s Soft Serve ice cream fits on everyone’s fave dessert lists 🍦 ✨ There’s even an emoji for Soft Serve ice cream that looks a lot like McDonald’s McSwirls®! 😎

McDonald’s Soft Serve ice cream is the ✨Chosen One✨ for many reasons. It was our top seller in 2023, did you know?! 🥳

It’s the swirls!

Its swirly-ness is unparalleled – those majestic, towering soft swirls are like art, making it so cute to look at.

It’s the soft creaminess and deliciousness!

Soft Serve ice cream is noted for being light and yet creamy. McDonald’s Soft Serve ice cream is all that and more – it’s part of our Real Food, Real Good menu that prioritizes quality, ensuring what we serve is free from artificial flavors, artificial colors, and artificial preservatives. Our vanilla Soft Serve ice cream is made of 100% real milk with a low fat content of 3.5%. It’s airy, delicious, and fulfilling.

It’s made, right then and there!

Many of you might be familiar with the term softie, commonly used in India to refer to Soft Serve ice cream. We believe this affectionate ice cream name came to be because of the dessert’s softness and appearance. When you see our employees making your ice cream using the McDonald’s ice cream machine, it’s child-like joy to witness!

It’s vanilla!

Vanilla is mostly everyone’s go-to. We make sure our Soft Serve ice cream is a memorable experience, sweet, and cooling on the palate. We also have a Chocolate Soft Serve ice cream which is our classic vanilla Soft Serve ice cream coated in a bite-able chocolate shell served in a cone. A great choice + just as yummy!

You’ve been served… Soft Serve-d 😎 🥳

Soft Serve ice creams and ‘summer weather’ make a great pair, and it is only right that this sweet tradition continues! You can take our word for it, or the next time you’re at our West & South outlets, look around, and take a peek at the happy faces enjoying this wonderful ice cream. Feel the love!

Come, visit us at the store and give our McSwirls® menu a look-over. There are more desserts to choose from, including our Hot Fudge sundae, Oreo® McFlurry™, Soft Serve Strawberry, Soft Serve Hot Fudge, and currently, Lotus Biscoff® McFlurry™. You can get some of these desserts to your doorstep, using the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App to order in. Our Soft Serve ice cream is served in-store, and is best enjoyed in person. Remember to check the McDonald’s App when you’re at the outlet, for offers and then some!

Soft Serve you soOon 😉

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