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The football carnival is here and how! Millions of people have caught World Cup fever, and we’re here to sweeten the deal. For a celebration that happens once every 4 years, at McDonald’s we think it requires something special. Offers worthy of the sporting event that has everyone glued to…More

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Wouldn’t it be ideal if our favorite foods were less about worrying about what goes into them and more about happiness! To tell you the truth, that’s what McDonald’s has been working towards through different steps taken to date. Traceability and sourcing fresh ingredients from local farms, switching to whole…More

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Cricket lovers all over the country are going to be glued to their screens from 17th October onwards. After all, it’s the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup! With McDonald’s rolling out match day combos, stay-home combos, and what-not, it’s going to be very hard to choose the perfect companions for…More

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It’s a fact known worldwide that our Chicken McNuggets are awesome and gobble-some. They’re the perfect excuse and opportunity for people to bond over—safely, of course. But can they also make people break into a fight over them? Especially if there’s just one piece involved? That’s what happens when our…More

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It’s a known fact that Kim Kardashian is a McDonald’s fan. And guess what her top pick at McDonald’s is? It’s fries, actually. “When I go to McDonald’s, I always have to get an order of small fries. Then, I usually order chicken nuggets and dip them in honey; or…More

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Forget about what came first- the chicken or the egg. Chicken lovers love both equally. So does McDonald’s. But how is chicken sourced at McDonald’s? What makes the chicken in burgers, nuggets and wings so juicy and fresh? McDonald’s, following its policy of locally sourcing the ingredients, gets its chicken…More