Preservatives Free Food: Real Food, Real Good

Wouldn’t it be ideal if our favorite foods were less about worrying about what goes into them and more about happiness! To tell you the truth, that’s what McDonald’s has been working towards through different steps taken to date. Traceability and sourcing fresh ingredients from local farms, switching to whole wheat buns in burgers and now it is preservatives free food that carries no added artificial colours and no artificial flavours for select food items on the menu. A wholesome and indulgent experience is what one gets at their favourite McDonald’s restaurant or on McDelivery website or app!  

A happy food indulgence can be one that keeps you aware of what you’ve eaten so that you can plan your meals accordingly. That’s the reason McDonald’s India shares Allergen & Nutritional information in-store and on the McDelivery app for the entire menu. Knowing what one is consuming is a great benefit when it comes to keeping a check on health. Informed food choices can help decide on what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and not bring food guilt into the picture.

Here’s the list of preservatives free food on the McDonald’s India Menu: your favorite McDonald’s food items like McDonald’s Fries, Burger Patties, McSpicy Fried Chicken, Chicken Nuggets, Veg Nuggets, Chicken Strips, Hashbrowns and Hotcakes carry no added artificial colours and no artificial flavours. So, the next time you indulge in any of these, know that it is Real Food, Real Good! We’ve got another tidbit you’ll be most likely happy to know. McDonald’s India is the first quick service restaurant to have included preservatives free food with no artificial colours, and artificial flavouring for select food items, making sure that your McDonald’s experience is a wholesome, happiness-filled one.

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