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Inside Story

Do you know what’s similar between the American Big Mac and the Indian McSpicy Paneer? Both are iconic items on the McDonald’s menu, but there is more. Food menus, the most dynamic aspect of restaurant operations at McDonald’s, are designed keeping in mind culinary preferences, cultural…More

The Dossier

Western fast food in India is attracting a lot of interest a little over 20 years after McDonald’s opened its doors. Global brands have started testing out the QSR space, serving up new choices for customers. Amit Jatia, Vice-Chairman- Westlife Development, McDonald’s master franchisee in…More

Sunrise Hash

Did you know that McDonald’s is the only Quick Service Restaurant chain in India to offer a dedicated breakfast menu to customers? There are the iconic menu items, like the Egg McMuffin, and choices, like the Sausage McMuffin with Egg, and the Egg and Cheese…More

Top Stories

If you were to map the growth of Mumbai city with McDonald’s, you might just be surprised to find how both of them are expanding together. The first McDonald’s outlet opened up in South Mumbai in 1993 and now more than two decades later, as…More

Top Stories

I have been on this highway before. Many times. Earlier it used to be a squiggly road that ran from Mysore to Bangalore. And then it became wider. Four lanes carry traffic from the hub of IT in Bangalore to the new hub of IT,…More