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The idea of possessing pocket monsters who you can nurture, train, and bond with, has captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world ever since Pokémon was introduced. From a Gameboy video game to a trading-cards game, in the beginning, Pokémon expanded its universe to a TV…More

UglyDolls Happy Meal McDonald's
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“No, our flaws make us unique. Those are all worth fighting for.” – Moxy, UglyDolls. This summer, you can count on Moxy and her friends from Uglyville to take you through an exciting journey as they venture into the Big World yearning for love and acceptance. Rooting for the adorable…More

McDonald's happy meal hot wheels
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Barbie and Hot Wheels… Pretty sure nobody needs an introduction to these toys. Everyone has practically grown up with them. But who says we’ve grown out of them? Which is why McDonald’s Happy Meal is thrilled to present to you an exciting version of the toys that we all love…More

McDonald's happy meal Discovery Mindblown Robot
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Are you or your kid the kind of souls that get pumped up at the mention of the word ‘science’? Do nuts and bolts and screw drivers fascinate you? Is the breeziest TV show you watch has mentions of words like anthropology and Big Bang? Well, well, well… if all…More

McDonald's happy meal lego movie
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For more than half a decade, Lego toys have had a special place in kids’ hearts around the world. From children’s rooms to the world of pop culture, Legos have always captured our imaginations (minus the times you accidentally stepped on them). It wasn’t all that long ago when Legos…More

spiderman happy meal toys McDonald's
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It is quite evident from the six existing Spider-man movies (from 2002 up until last year) that there is never enough superhero movies in our universe to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the fans and followers all over the world. If you are one of them, you already know about…More

McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
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A childhood treat, a little something extra that piqued the interest of young McDonald’s customers from day one, Happy Meal toys were meant to be a rage. It all started with Yolanda Fernandez de Cofiño, a Guatemalan McDonald’s operator who created a “Ronald Menu” which had a hamburger, small fries…More

For The Ones Who Will Always Be Kids At Heart

Every adult Happy Meal toy collector is a kid at heart; for them, collecting toys is a lot more than just a hobby. This is exactly why McDonald’s team decided to surprise Vikram from Chennai in the sweetest way.More

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