Cutie Cars and Monster Jam Promise You a Happy Ride This October

McDonald’s is upping the cuteness quotient of its Happy Meals this month with new toy entrants – Cutie Cars! And to balance it all out with a little bit of thunderous action, McDonald’s is also including the heavy-duty trucks of Monster Jam. So what exactly are you unboxing this month with your Happy Meal? Read more to find out.

If your car had a character, which one would it be?

The Cutie Cars are so adorable and sweet you’d get a sugary taste in your mouth just looking at them. But don’t let the appearance fool you, they may be cute but they’re as tough as they come. No wonder they’re loved by all. Meet Orange Rush, Speedy Sparkles, Heart Braker, and Beach Buggy in all their colors and glory and let them take you for a joyride this month.

Select your fighter!

Are Monster trucks and fighting matches your kinda jam? Then these Monster Jam trucks are about to blow your mind. Not only are they cool-looking but they also have so many tricks up their sleeves. Catch them at McDonald’s this month and check out what Max-D (Maximum Destruction), El Toro Logo, Dragon, and Megalodon have to offer.

Drive your way to your nearest McDonald’s store to get the latest Happy Meal toy action of the month.

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