Let’s Play the Old School Way!

old school

For this month’s Happy Meal edition, we’re going back to a time before the digital world took over. A much simpler time when playing a game meant friends and family gathering round a table, each taking their shot to emerge as a victor. We’re talking classic board games, toys, and so much more!

McDonald’s and worldwide toy manufacturer Hasbro have come together to offer an array of games that will definitely light up your entertainment corner. If you’re already liking this, wait till you hear the rest of the line-up!
Fancy a game?

If you’ve played Piktureka and Twisters before, we bet that you’ve seen some good times with your gang. How about games for two that can instantly add to your sweat beads like Battleships, Connect 4, and Guess Who? Well, McDonald’s Happy Meal is about to show you a good time with adorable versions of all these games that you have fond memories of.
If you’re into mechanical toys and collecting them, you’re in luck! Because this month’s Happy Meal also has toys like Hungry Hippos, Mouse Trap, Pie Face, and Bop it.

So come on over to McDonald’s this month and grab your favorite pick, for old time’s sake!

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