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Sunrise Hash

Paris is the only place in the world where the McDonald’s arches are white instead of golden.  Learn some more fascinating facts about McDonald’s that you may not know. 1.  French fries were not included in the original McDonald’s menu. 2.  McDonald’s used to sell pizza…More

Coffee Tales

Hate to wake up early? Research says that you can sync your sleep cycle with sunrise and sunset. But we all know sleeping in is the easy part, waking up is what brings out the frowns. McDonald’s gives you five reasons to sync waking up…More

Inside Story

Careful planning and management went into making one of the most sophisticated supply chains in India. McDonald’s entry into India is the focal point at which the food supply industry has a clear and distinguishable before and after. Radhakrishna Foodland (P) Ltd. dedicated time and…More

Hum Log

An organization is as good as its employees. If the employees are happy, so will be the customers. That is why McDonald’s offers many training programs and courses to its employees so that they can chart their course on their own terms, have a career…More

Inside Story

A touch of entrepreneurial India is what we experience at McDonald’s every time we visit a store and the story goes a long way back when start-ups were rare and food processing was still in its infancy. When McDonald’s came to India, it needed a…More

Top Stories

Did you know that eating lettuce can help keep heart diseases away? Green and leafy vegetables are beneficial additions to any diet. Here are five benefits of eating lettuce – 1.  Lettuce has very low calorific content. According to the Harvard School of Public Health,…More

Top Stories

If you were to map the growth of Mumbai city with McDonald’s, you might just be surprised to find how both of them are expanding together. The first McDonald’s outlet opened up in South Mumbai in 1993 and now more than two decades later, as…More

mcdonalds_food court
Top Stories

Your grannies and your nannies used to head out to the local bazaars and melas to get their fill on all the street food. With no more bustling bazaars or melas, people head to the food courts on the lookout for yummy food. Thanks to…More

Coffee Tales

Baba Budan, a 16th century Sufi saint, embarked on the religious Haj but little did he know that he would have a life altering experience while on his journey. While visiting the port city of Mocha in Yemen he chanced upon a divine concoction. The…More

Inside Story

Groggy from his sleep Mohan woke up to a gray morning of rain. He waited and waited for the clouds to clear, without any respite. By now his stomach was grumbling. He gazed out of his fourth-floor apartment window, only to see the rain pouring…More

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