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Every McDonald’s Outlet Will Have a McCafé by 2022

McCafé, McDonald’s in-house café dedicated to coffee and coffee lovers, became a sensation when it was launched in India in October 2013. But what it meant to people was more than just a café, it was a place that brought handcrafted coffee, the best desserts, and affordability altogether.

McCafé has continued to expand its footprints, and today we have 190 of them in our McDonald’s stores in India (West & South). According to Smita Jatia, Managing Director of Hardcastle Restaurants, the master franchisee of McDonald’s India (West & South), McCafé has witnessed a growth of 600-700 percent in the last three-four years. In fact, it is the second-largest coffee player in India in terms of units.

But the journey doesn’t end there. In fact, we have great news for all coffee fans and McDonald’s lovers alike! In a little more than two years from now, every McDonald’s restaurant will be equipped with a McCafé. 

 “By 2022, aspiration is every McDonald’s will have a McCafé. There is a certain ambience that we want to give with coffee. So, all stores will be revisited to add McCafé outlets,” said Smita Jatia in a chat with Moneycontrol.

Whether it’s coffee as simple as flat white or as potent as the espresso shot; as frothy as the delicious frappes and lattes and not to mention, the mouth-watering variant of desserts, McCafé always has something to cheer you up. And now, it’s just a matter of time before every McDonald’s has its own McCafé.

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