Jump on Block for the New Super Mario Happy Meal Toys

Like these two cuties here, people all over the world have been entertained by Super Mario and his friends for the longest time. The 80’s and 90’s kids can definitely back this up by saying that the classic Nintendo Super Mario Bros. was a game that everyone went crazy for back in those days. The memorable game has managed to stand the test of time through its multiple versions, fans, die-hard gamers, memes, and even collectibles like our McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys.

Cue in the Super Mario theme music, because this August, your favorite mustached character in blue dungarees is back with his team and a lot of exciting fun games for you to try out.

Here’s what you can take home…

If you remember those blocks that you smashed for points and superstars, you’re in for a wave of nostalgia.

Along with figurines of Mario, his brother Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi the little dinosaur, you get to take an entire set of game that features little memorabilia- like the blocks of bricks, the familiar question mark block which always has a surprise in it, the Koopa tortoiseshell, Yoshi’s apples, and so much more.

Get yourself a McDonald’s Happy Meal this August to find out which of the figurines and sets of games you get to take home. Will it be Mario himself with his stackable blocks, or Princess Peach with her arms stretched out to catch her tiaras? Or will it be a fun set of Mario vs Luigi table hockey game?

Other games include Super Mario Dominos, Super Mario Puzzle, Super Mario Cube, Peach Castle Race, Mario and Peach Tic-Tac-Toe, and many more exciting surprises you can unravel. Why don’t you watch the video and have Anantya and her friend show you how it’s done?

Visit your nearest McDonald’s store (West & South) and get collecting!

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