The Perfect Combo to Celebrate Chicken Wing Day at McDonald’s

What are some perks of living in South India? Proximity to both beaches and hill stations, multiple number of heritage sites, rich cuisine, great coffee…… and Chicken Wings at McDonald’s!

Imagine devouring crispy and juicy chicken wings dipped in sauce and washing it down with chilled, fizzy Coke. Just picturing it is enough to start drooling. Did you know there was an International Chicken Wing Day? It is celebrated on 29th July every year. Here are some more interesting facts about Chicken Wings:

  • The National Chicken Wing Day was coined by the mayor of Buffalo, NY in 1977 and it has been a holiday ever since. Try wrapping your head around the concept of an entire day to celebrate the love for Chicken Wings! After the first five seconds, it will actually sound perfect.
  • The world-record for eating most chicken wings ever is 444, in 26 minutes, ladies and gentlemen!
  • McDonald’s India (South market) offers the best Chicken Wing!

To prove the third point, we invite all chicken lovers down south to try our Chicken McWings during the next three days. Not that you wouldn’t be in the mood for chicken wings any other day but hear us out…

Perfectly coated with a delicious light batter, our Chicken McWings are crunchy on the outside and juicy and steamy on the inside. And frankly, no one can have just one of these golden deep-fried goodness without wanting more.  So, we are offering 8 pieces of our desirable Chicken Wing and 2 regular Coke at 320 INR only.

A combo that is perfect for two people, you can share it with your loved one, or have it all by yourself, no one is judging. And with a price like that, you’ll be saving upto 25%. Even more, reason to love Chicken Wing Day.

Head over to your nearest McDonald’s store (South India) and make the best of our Chicken Wing Day offer from July 26-29. Now here’s a day worth celebrating!

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