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Amit Jatia, Vice Chairman, Westlife Development Limited, is the man behind McDonald’s India (West & South). The 20-year journey has not been easy for a restaurant franchise which had to start from scratch to become a 1000-crore business, serving 300 million people a year today.…More

Amit Jatia
Good Food Stories

For all those who have been waiting for the opening of a McDonald’s restaurant in their city, this is some good news. In the next few years to come, McDonald’s plans to develop a restaurant base of 500 stores in West and South India. In…More

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Within two years of the opening of its first McCafe outlet, McDonald’s (West and South) now operates 52 outlets in the region and plans to open 50-75 new outlets by the end of the year. Ranjit Paliath, Vice-President, Business Operations, McDonald’s India (West and South)…More

Good Food Stories

McDonald’s is now going for great expansion plans – aiming to open 30-40 outlets in the West and South each year” – according to Westlife Development Vice Chairman Amit Jatia, in an interview with Deccan Herald. McDonald’s in West and South India has reached about…More