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Coffee Tales

It’s been three years since something started brewing at McDonald’s… The restaurant chain launched its first McCafé in Sobo Central Mall, Mumbai in 2013. Since then, McDonald’s has come a long way from being the best place to enjoy a burger to one where its…More

Coffee Tales

Espresso to kick-start your day and Mocha for late evenings! Everybody has their favorite brew, and their favorite preparation of coffee. Enters the McCafé, with a carefully picked collection of coffees to suit everybody’s mood, at all times of the day. But did you know…More

Coffee Tales

Georgia Coffee, which was launched in 1975 by Coca-Cola Company, celebrated its fortieth anniversary this year and as the world says, 40 years is as young as they come. Georgia is the name of a popular brand of coffee drinks sold by the Coca-Cola Company.…More

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McCafes will be shortly coming up somewhere near you. If not just yet, soon enough. Step in to take a sip of Macchiato – an Espresso with a dollop of foam milk.  In Italian, macchiato means ‘stained’ or ‘spotted’ so caffè macchiato is ‘stained coffee’,…More