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Inside Story

Do you know what’s similar between the American Big Mac and the Indian McSpicy Paneer? Both are iconic items on the McDonald’s menu, but there is more. Food menus, the most dynamic aspect of restaurant operations at McDonald’s, are designed keeping in mind culinary preferences, cultural…More

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If you’re real hungry, If you don’t want to wait For the next juicy Big Mac, Who you going to call? Queue Busters! Queue Busters! Yes, that’s right…with due apologies to Ray Parker Jr. for parodying his hit song of the 80s – Ghostbusters. Now…More

Sunrise Hash

McDonald’s in Sweden has just come out with a fashion line which pays homage to the Big Mac, the big daddy of all burgers. The fashion line made its debut at Stockholm, Sweden. The line includes clothing, household goods and accessories. This was all part…More