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Good Food Stories

Hubli, also known as Hubballi, literally means “a flowering creeper” in Kannada. During ancient times, the historic town of Hubli was known by the names Raya Hubli and Elaya Puravada Halli. In the last decade, Hubli metamorphosed into a commercial centre for trade in cotton and…More

Good Food Stories

An interesting anecdote in which the protagonists are McDonald’s USA, Vista and Goli Vada Pao comes to mind. Venkatesh Iyer’s restaurants were called Goli Vada Pao and they numbered 20 in suburban Dombivili area in Mumbai. Iyer believed that he had a chain that could…More

Sunrise Hash

It’s a known fact that McDonald’s across the world has unique products that cater to the specific cuisine preferences of a country. What is a lesser known fact probably is that McDonald’s is referred to differently in some countries! Different cultures have different values, different…More

Good Food Stories

Of course, you want fries with that. Does the server behind the register even need to ask? Let’s face it; no meal at McDonald’s is complete without an order of its delicious fries. And to think, the world-famous French fries were added to the menu…More

Good Food Stories

Simply put – technology simplifies – and we have embraced the world of inter-connectivity and smart technology to offer customers faster and easier access to their favourite McDonald’s products. From a user friendly web ordering module that allows you select your burger, meal, dessert and…More

Coffee Tales

If you are in Bengaluru, walk into a McDonald’s outlet, grab a masala grill burger and pickup a cappuccino, latte or mocha from its brand new cafe counter. Three McCafes are already up and running in Bengaluru. Smita Jatia, Managing Director of Hardcastle Restaurants, says.“With…More

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