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Don’t you just love the feeling of waking up to the sounds of birds chirping and the sight of soft early morning rays peeking through the branches and leaves? It is quite amazing that this has been the course of the world every single day, and most definitely we’d all…More

Happy Earth Day
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McDonald’s India – Westlife Development plays an active role in providing smart and sustainable solutions for a happy world. Resources are mindfully utilised to conserve what is left of the Earth, and rebuild it. McDonald’s India has its focus is on many aspects of the environment, with an objective of…More

Good Food Journey

July is the month of gorgeous monsoon rains and heartwarming McDonald’s food and McCafé coffee. It’s also the time to acquaint everyone on the importance of going “Plastic Free”. Plastic pollution is a huge threat to our environment, and fighting this challenge is the need of the hour. Every year,…More

McDonald's Sustainability
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It’s been a while since McDonald’s started incorporating eco-friendly practices in India (West & South). Today, those very initiatives have grown to become more than just about paper cups and biodegradable straws. Let’s take a look at how McDonald’s is making an impact in the country with its eco-friendly measures.…More

McDonald's Global Take On Reducing Carbon Emissions
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In a bid to address the growing concern for environmental safeguarding and protection, McDonald’s and its partners across the globe have decided to take various eco-friendly measures. The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to McDonald’s restaurants and offices by 36% by 2030 from a 2015 base year.…More