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At McDonald’s, we pride ourselves on the fact that this is a place for everyone. You can be a burger-holic, a cheese lover, a dessert enthusiast, a caffeine aficionado, or simply someone who can’t stop eating Fries, no matter what, McDonald’s has got you. This not only applies to tastes…More

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When the hunger strikes you and your tummy growls, don’t let it win. There are times when a simple snack is just not enough and you’re left wanting for more. For all your hard work, you deserve a whole meal to yourself. And ain’t no meal like a McDonald’s meal!…More

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What if someone told you that you can get free fries along with your favourite burger and beverage at McDonald’s? You’d probably just chuckle and call it wishful thinking. Lo and behold! It’s the McSaver menu to the rescue. For instance, if you order a McSaver McVeggie Meal, it features…More