McSaver Meals – The Real Value Meals: Rukna Toh Banta Hai!

There’s something about making time to grab your faves (food and people 😉) and dining in at the gang’s go-to McDonald’s outlet in the city!

When there’s laughter and chatter to go around, along with good food and better offers, eating in-store becomes a done deal! As hilariously illustrated in our latest McSaver ads, our McSaver meals promise that – bagging McDonald’s valued classics at pocket-friendly prices!

You must’ve have seen our standees outside our W&S stores 🤩With prices starting at ₹149 (!!) for a superbly satisfying Value Meal, whether you plan a McDonald’s visit or are passing by, Rukna toh banta hai! At McDonald’s Value is beyond price points.

So get set to be served the filling McSaver Meals in-store 💛 ❤️

  • McAloo Tikki® Regular Meal

This comes with India’s favorite McAloo Tikki Burger®, Crispy Fries (Regular), and a Refreshing Coke® (Regular).

  • McChicken® Regular Meal

Classic for all seasons, the Delicious McChicken® Burger in this McSaver Chicken meal comes with Crispy Fries (Regular) and a Refreshing Coke® (Regular).

  • McVeggie® Regular Meal 

Gather round, fans of the McVeggie®! This McSaver meal promises a McVeggie® Burger, Crispy Fries (Regular), and a Refreshing Coke® (Regular).

  • Chicken Kebab Burger Regular Meal

Another McSaver Chicken meal for the win is the Chicken Kebab Burger Regular Meal! The crispy, desi-friendly, Chicken Kebab Burger is paired here with Crispy Fries (Regular), and a Refreshing Coke® (Regular).

Sound good? 🍔🍟🥤🍦☕

McSaver meals spell *S*M*I*L*E*S*

Accessibility, Quality, Affordability ✨ ✨

For McDonald’s fans who enjoy mixing it up to find winning ‘McSaver meals’ combos like a McSaver McSpicy™ Chicken meal or a meal of interesting sides (say, our Pizza McPuff®, Chicken McNuggets®, or Salsa Cheesy Fries), we encourage you. Check our menu in-store, talk to our trusty employees and get the best deals!

When you head to your preferred McDonald’s W&S outlet, scroll through the McDonald’s App for offers and more. This works when you dine in or are driving through, on-the-go! A Quick Service Restaurant destination through-and-through, it’s always a good time to get yourself a satisfying burger meal with a refreshing drink and complementing side at McDonald’s! i’m lovin’ it … Are you? ❤️ 💛

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