What a SAVE! Seize the day and McSaver it

We know our fans love McDonald’s India for a variety of reasons! Maybe it’s because #1, We offer delicious, comfort style food, #2 The offers are great, #3 It’s widely available, #4 You love that it’s a cute place for customers of all ages to hang out at, #5 It’s never been easier to bring your friends (and families) together, or #6 Getting ALL OF THE ABOVE at really good prices! i’m lovin’ it, some might say, and they would be right!

It is always a pleasure to serve you delicious food at great offers, especially when you visit us in-store to grab your faves and more! When the price is right, you feel that delight, and we know our customers’ motto when it comes to a valued classic offering of a satisfying burger meal with a refreshing drink and complementing side at a pocket-friendly price, Never say never to a McSaver!

If you’ve noticed our latest standees outside our W&S stores, you’re in the loop! We suggest waiting no more, and gathering your appetite and your group!

With prices starting at ₹149 (!!!) for a superbly satisfying Value Meal, Rukna toh banta hai!

Here are the McSaver meals on offer that you can only get in-store:

  • McSaver McAloo Tikki® Regular Meal
  • McChicken® Regular Meal
  • McSaver McVeggie® Regular Meal 
  • Chicken Kebab Burger Regular Meal

You save! You score! On the table, there’s more!

Three cheers for Accessibility, Quality, Affordability 📋✅

Don’t forget to keep the McDonald’s App on hand for offers galore, when you head to your preferred McDonald’s W&S store. Whether you feel like dining in or driving through, our QSR destination is going to cater to your taste-buds through-and-through! Today, it might be the McSaver McAloo Tikki®️, tomorrow – the McSaver McVeggie®️ Meal… Whatever the flavor, we know you’re going to savor the McSaver!

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