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Good Food Journey

They’re quick to whip up, delicious to the core, and packed with oodles of protein. What’s not to love about eggs? And if you have your favourite egg dishes from McDonald’s, it’s an egg-sperience in itself. Our signature McDonald’s touches to these timeless treats ensure they’re simply egg-ceptional. While anyone…More

Hum Log

Ho ho ho! You didn’t think we’d let World Egg Day slide by without having something special in store for you guys, did you? Think again! Coz this World Egg Day, celebration at McDonald’s is going to be massive and guess what, it has already begun! And if you’re an…More

Breakfast at McDonald's
What's Hot

Do you love breakfast At McDonald’s but seem to miss it too often? Do you think there are not enough vegetarian breakfast items at McDonald’s? Whatever confusions and questions you might have about the timings, menu, and everything else about McBreakfast, we will answer it all for you today. So…More

Waffles at McDonald's
Coffee Tales

“Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.” There is a reason why Chief Hopper’s words have resonated with people worldwide, even outside Stranger Things fan clubs. The love for coffee is at its peak during mornings. We all know how a warm cup of coffee can lift our spirits up and…More

Good Food Journey

Are you one of those people who skip breakfast too often to even count? Read on! It’s no news that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even though everybody hears about the importance of eating a healthy and wholesome breakfast regularly, most of us have chosen to,…More

Good Food Journey

Eggs make the perfect breakfast – whether you like them boiled, scrambled, fried or poached. So, what makes them so ideal for the first meal of the morning? For starters, eggs keep you feeling full, for much longer, than other breakfast options like cereal or toast. Then, the protein and fat…More

Good Food Journey

In the year 1972, Herb Peterson, a guy who ran a McDonald’s restaurant in Santa Barbara invited Ray Kroc to come and have a look at something. When Kroc met Peterson, the latter presented him with a breakfast sandwich – hot egg, combined with cheese, Canadian bacon and English muffins.…More

Sunrise Hash

Scientists in the UK say there is a statistical connection between a person’s character and how they like their eggs made! They say: • Poached egg eaters tend to be outgoing and happy. • Boiled egg eaters are disorganised and tend to be careless and impulsive. • Fried egg eaters,…More