Six Ways To Have Coffee In The Morning

“Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.” There is a reason why Chief Hopper’s words have resonated with people worldwide, even outside Stranger Things fan clubs. The love for coffee is at its peak during mornings. We all know how a warm cup of coffee can lift our spirits up and makes us ready to face the day.

And now McDonald’s has come with six more reasons to deepen your love for your cup of joe. We are talking about six McBreakfast daily coffee combos, priced at just 99 INR. Here is how it works.

Dosa Masala Brioche + Coffee

Dosa Masala Brioche

If you are one of those who swears by the authentic flavours of Dosa Masal Brioche ever since it was launched, then McBreakfast Combo is just another excuse for you to indulge in the fusion menu item. Remember you can get the Dosa Masala Brioche combo on Monday and Saturday.

Belgian Waffles + Coffee

Waffles at McDonald's

This is for the ones who don’t like to wait for the weekend for little treats. After all, life looks a lot better with a steaming cup of coffee and a bite of these light crispy Belgian Waffles on a Wednesday morning. Here’s to a little party in the middle of the week!

Masala Scrambled Eggs + Coffee

If you’re missing home, then these scrambled eggs will take you straight to your mother’s kitchen. With these freshly made eggs in your belly and that coffee down your throat, you’ll be all set till lunch time. The combo offer is for Sunday and Monday.

Hot Cakes + Coffee

Hot cakes at McDonald's

Then there are hotcakes. One of the oldest and most loved breakfast food finds the perfect match in a cup of coffee at McDonald’s. The kick from the coffee and the delicious gooeyness of maple syrup drizzled Hot Cakes makes the recipe for a perfect Thursday morning.

Corn & Spinach Brioche + Coffee

Corn and Spinach Brioche

The all-time favorite grilled veggies patty with spinach and tender corn with a twist of brioche style buns, tastes best with a hot cup of coffee. If you want to try it for yourself, Tuesdays and Sundays are your days.

McMuffin + Coffee

Go classic with a McMuffin combo. Whether it’s Egg and Cheese (Tuesday and Saturday), Sausage (Wednesdays and Fridays) or Corn and Spinach (Friday), these breakfast muffins are going to bring your coffee to a crispy, fulfilling level.

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  1. Hrishikesh Patil

    Has McDonald’s stopped offering the McBreakfast daily coffee combos??

    My local outlet isn’t offering it anymore!

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