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McCafe Sweet Lime Cooler
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Anything to beat the scorching heat, right? Chilled McDonald’s beverages are the go-to drinks this season, and why wouldn’t they be when temperatures are soaring, taste buds and thirst longing for refreshing chilled drinks. Quench your thirst with McDonald’s drinks this summer. The McCafé Beverage Menu has got many refreshing…More

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Just what you need for the current season, something warm to sip on and boost your immunity. The immunity boosting beverages could be a part of your breakfast table, be your in-between work break beverage or that evening cuppa to refresh your mood. Our McCafé menu has two aromatic and…More

These McCafé Coolers Are More Than Just Pretty Drinks
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The summer is almost in full swing and to cope up with the scorching sun you’d not find a better time to refresh with some of the best McCafé drinks. Your quest for colourful, refreshing and fruity drinks from McCafé McDonald’s finishes right here. Some of the best McCafé menu favourites are Berry Lemonade Cooler, Raw Mango Cooler,…More