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McDonalds's Breakfast Menu
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Summer mornings can feel different, isn’t it? With the sun showing up in all its might, and you wanting to stay indoors and take it slow, or are you one of those who’d like to flaunt that sweet summer tan? It’s the sweltering heat that only gets stronger as the…More

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Dusshera, or Vijayadashami, marks the triumph of Lord Rama over the 10-headed demon king Ravana. The festival, which is celebrated with much fanfare and fervour, is all about the victory of good over evil. As it is with any Indian festival, Dusshera is also about indulgent food. And we couldn’t…More

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While cafes are generally where one goes to for a mug of your favorite brew, we can’t forget the importance of a tasty bite that can enhance that café experience. At McCafé, the carefully curated selection of goodies include McDonald’s cookies, McDonald’s muffins, cake slices and cheesecake. What makes the…More