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McDonald’s has introduced the concept of ‘Litter Patrols’ in which its employees go around the market every day, picking up garbage left behind not only by customers from McDonald’s restaurants but also by other visitors in the area. The result is a cleaner neighbourhood. Think of one major element which…More

Good Food Journey

How do you make a great dish? Is it the method of preparation or the type of dish? Or more than that, is it fresh and flavorful ingredients? Isn’t it true that if you fail to use good quality ingredients, the dish would also be unsatisfactory? Just like a dish…More

Hum Log

An organization is only as good as its employees. If the employees are happy, so will the customers. That is why McDonald’s offers many training programs and courses to its employees so that they can chart their course on their own terms, have a career map they can work around.…More

What's Hot

McDonald’s (HRPL) has won the Make In India Award for Excellence 2015 in QSR category recently. The ‘Make In India Awards for Excellence’ honors the contribution of companies, organizations, institutes, and individuals among others, who are an epitome of excellence in their chosen area of interest. Prime Minister Narendra Modi…More