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Good Communities

Remember the kindergarten lessons about always throwing waste in a dustbin? Gradually, we were taught to keep our bedrooms, our classrooms, and even our neighborhoods tidy. As much as individual efforts are necessary, collective action is even better. That’s exactly why McDonald’s employees at Kolhapur, on their Community Service Day,…More

Good Food Journey

At a very young age of 6, Rana’s father abandoned him along with his mother and sister. Rana’s mother moved in with her parents, with both the children. The doting grandparents wanted to enroll Rana and his sister in the local school nearby. But when the children could not get…More

Hum Log

The last year of being a teenager is worth a celebration – and so it is for McDonald’s in West and South when HRPL turned 19 on October 20th. In keeping with the spirit of celebrating the transition to the 20th year, a week-long fest had employees rocking at the…More