Community Cleanliness Comes First

community cleanliness
Remember the kindergarten lessons about always throwing waste in a dustbin? Gradually, we were taught to keep our bedrooms, our classrooms, and even our neighborhoods tidy. As much as individual efforts are necessary, collective action is even better.

That’s exactly why McDonald’s employees at Kolhapur, on their Community Service Day, took charge of cleaning their locality.

This is not the first time that McDonald’s has contributed towards such a cause. On various other occasions, McDonald’s has collaborated with local NGOs to organize cleanliness drives. Not only that, multiple restaurants across South and West India have implemented effective strategies to manage and recycle waste. For instance, when it was identified that a lot of water was being wasted in washrooms, McDonald’s took the first step and shifted to waterless urinals across 30 restaurants in West and South India. All such environment friendly models by McDonald’s are designed keeping in mind the dynamics of every community.

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