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RMHC Family Room India is turning three on 20th September
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For three years, our RMHC Family Room at B J Wadia Hospital, Mumbai, has reached out to more than 35,000 families in need, serving as a comfortable place for them and their children to relax and unwind. For many, it’s been a room where children can forget their ailments and…More

Poem Written By an 11-year-old Fighter
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Life is unpredictable, and the beauty lies in the unpredictability. However, at times, one might be gripped by the furrows of the undesirable. Cancer is the blight of mankind and since ages, medical science has strived to bring it under control. Today, our medical scientists have definitely moved way forward…More

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On OPD days at the B J Wadia Hospital, Mumbai, excitement in the RMHC Family Room is at its peak. Kids and parents huddle together to sing old and new songs with Rakesh Bahwa, a music teacher and a volunteer at RMHC India, a subsidiary of Westlife Development Ltd. Bahwa…More