Poem Written By an 11-year-old Fighter

11 Year old Fighters

Life is unpredictable, and the beauty lies in the unpredictability. However, at times, one might be gripped by the furrows of the undesirable. Cancer is the blight of mankind and since ages, medical science has strived to bring it under control. Today, our medical scientists have definitely moved way forward in the domain of treatment, but one can still not eliminate the pain that is associated with the disease.

What we can probably do is perhaps spread a little happiness and laughter to make sure those who are fighting the disease feel some sense of normalcy in their lives. At RMHC India, we have many such stories of strength that can inspire anyone to stay afloat during difficult times.

Poem Written By an 11-year-old Fighter

With the help of her teachers at the Canshala, 11-year-old Sai Dinesh Khedekar recently wrote a beautiful poem depicting her fight with cancer and how hard she is struggling to break free and live the life of a normal child again.

RMHC wishes Sai a speedy recovery.

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