Three Cheers to RMHC India on its Third Birthday!

For three years, our RMHC Family Room at B J Wadia Hospital, Mumbai, has reached out to more than 35,000 families in need, serving as a comfortable place for them and their children to relax and unwind. For many, it’s been a room where children can forget their ailments and worries and have a good time with friends they have made at the hospital.

RMHC’s goal has always been to uplift the spirits of those in need and to provide them with emotional and mental support to help them stay strong through difficult times. It is a bright and happy space equipped with dozen of toys, board games, books, and a television. From music classes where all children sing together to painting contests where we see prodigies winning hearts all the way, the RMHC Family Room, India has hosted several engagement activities for kids at the hospital to bond over.

This year, RMHC India is celebrating three years of establishment in Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital of Children in Mumbai. Come join our family as we celebrate three years of spreading joy in our little world. There will be games, conversations and of course a cake!

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