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Happy Earth Day
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McDonald’s India – Westlife Development plays an active role in providing smart and sustainable solutions for a happy world. Resources are mindfully utilised to conserve what is left of the Earth, and rebuild it. McDonald’s India has its focus is on many aspects of the environment, with an objective of…More

McDonalds Happy Readers
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What are your plans for the kids’ summer vacation? New activities, a good amount of on-ground play, encouraging them to socialise, some screen time and bonding over new found interests? If summer time story book reading is a thing of nostalgia for you, why not share the experience of diving…More

Masala Bites

This year marks 73 years for India’s Republic Day. If you are planning to keep the day’s celebration going, and make it a Republic Day Special, why not reach out for your McDonald’s Special items to give you company? An easy-going breakfast from McCafé, brunch, lunch, snack or dinner scenes…More

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The idea of nurturing, training, and bonding with pocket monsters has captured the imagination of people all over the world ever since Pokémon was introduced. What started out as a Gameboy video game and a trading-cards game expanded into a universe complete with TV series and feature-length films to later…More

McDonald's happy meal transformers and my little pony
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It’s time for yet another Happy Meal surprise, and this time, we have not one but two whole new themes for our happy collectors and kids. Meet the adorable playmates from My Little Pony and the robots that are known for their disguising abilities, the Transformers! Rainbows, magical powers, and…More

McDonald's Happy Meal Super Mario
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6cVF7g4SrY Like these two cuties here, people all over the world have been entertained by Super Mario and his friends for the longest time. The 80’s and 90’s kids can definitely back this up by saying that the classic Nintendo Super Mario Bros. was a game that everyone went crazy…More