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Coffee Tales

We all have read about green tea and some of the other “superfoods” it rubs shoulders with. But exactly how good is green tea? Most articles give out information sourced from various research studies. It can get a little confusing. Here are three simple reasons why you should try the…More

Good Food Journey

Lettuce tell you a few secrets, some interesting facts about the salad leaf. Like Columbus found America and brought lettuce along. Here are some more: • Lettuce was first eaten by the ancient kings of Persia 2,500 years ago. • If you are finding it difficult to sleep,…More

The Dossier

McDonald’s India (West & South) is going all out to offer customers a healthier menu. Close on the heels of initiatives like vegetable-rich foods, introducing grilled dishes to cut fat content and reducing the sodium content in meals, the Quick Service Restaurant is now giving its customers healthier meal choices,…More

Good Food Journey

There are fans of coffee who swear by the brew. They say it gets them charged up in the morning and throughout the day. They say it helps them to think, to contemplate and to be at one with life. But did you know that these aren’t just good words being…More

What's Hot

Guy: What would you like to drink, baby? Girl: Oh, nothing much, sweetie. I’m not thirsty. I’ll just have a sip from your smoothie. And then she swigs more than half the glass of smoothie, and one can imagine the priceless look on the boy’s face. Sounds familiar, anyone? Well,…More

Good Food Journey

Picture the McEgg Burger in McDonald’s: A poached egg in a steamed bun with a gentle lashing of mayonnaise, a few pieces of onions and a masala that’s slightly sweet and tangy. Do you want to know the tale behind this? Read on… McDonald’s launched the McEgg burger in 2012…More