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Additionally, Independent NABL accredited labs confirm 100% Real Cheese and no cheese analogues or substitutes. The apex food safety standards regulator of the country has verified the cheese used by McDonald’s India as ‘100% Real Cheese’. The verification confirms the brand’s assertion that it uses 100% Real Cheese and that…More

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Cheese is not just a flavor, it is an emotion. Many people’s favorite emotion and when it is crafted with the world-famous burgers, it is simply *chef’s kiss*! There is nothing called too much cheese, and cheeseburgers have their own fandom which is constantly growing. Once the creamy texture touches…More

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Necessity is the mother of invention. But did you know chocolate chip cookies and potato chips were invented accidentally? So was the cheeseburger. While working as a fry cook, in his father’s sandwich shop, Lionel Sternberger dropped a slab of American cheese on a sizzling hamburger. The new variant of…More

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Did you know that there are about 4000 varieties of potatoes? It’s mind boggling, yes! So many potatoes mean so many reasons to eat French fries too! Read on to discover some fresh ways to enjoy your all time favourite snack. Had a rough day at work? Need some comforting?…More

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When you eat fresh, you feel fresh! McDonald’s restaurants worldwide endorse the use of freshest ingredients for their offerings. McDonald’s India too follows the same policy of maintaining a high quality of service. McDonald’s sources its ingredients from local suppliers, the ingredients are always fresh and it helps in community…More