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For someone with a sweet tooth, there is always more than one reason to indulge in something delectably sweet. Some could blame it on the summer heat, some could choose a moment of get-together, a good day or just another day, meeting an old friend, or just something yummy to…More

McDonalds' Soft Serve & McFlurry
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All said and done, a hot summer day calls for a good dip in temperature by indulging in swirls of smooth McDonald’s soft serves and McFlurry. Ice-creams just cool off the summer tiredness with much needed respite. Just a McDonald’s soft serve or McFlurry break, or as a dessert to…More

Black Forest
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Famous American chef Julia Child once said that a party without a cake is just a meeting. The first birthday cake was made in Germany during the Middle Ages. But it was nothing like the cakes we find today. Birthday cakes were coarse, almost bread like then. Talking about today’s…More