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McDonald’s International Women’s Day was all about busting assumptions and showing the world what women at McDonald’s are all about. We brought in our women employees from the all-women staffed McDonald’s store to respond to people’s assumptions on what they thought transpired at such a store.Our women employees who are…More

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For a true-blue foodie, a day like this cannot simply pass without the attention it deserves. This means, wholesome, satisfying indulgence in one’s favorite McDonald’s burger. Set up your appetite for the celebratory meal with the burger of your choice from the McDonald’s India Menu with fresh ingredients, patty with…More

McDonalds Wishes You Happy Diwali
Masala Bites

The festival of colors is here! Welcoming the harvest season and the season of abundance that is spring. Have you planned the Holi festival day in the company of friends, family and yummy food? A Holi themed party on the cards? A day that brings together loved ones, crazy dance…More

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