To Dad, for having our back! Happy Father’s Day, today and always 💞

Pa-pa! Poppy! Daddd! Baba! Abba!

Calling out your dad’s name, whether exasperatedly (🙄) or joyously (🤗), never gets old! A father is an integral figure in one’s life, and we cherish their presence in every way we can.

Father’s Day *gets* us in our feels, and today, we’re thinking of how much we L-O-V-E Dad! Bonds may shift with time, but precious memories stay eternal!

Let’s start at the beginning…

When you’re young 😇

Remember when Dad bought you your first bike, teaching you to step on the pedal and keep going? Remember you thought they were by your side steering you, only to turn around, lose your balance and fall!


He got you ice-cream to make it better. And a Pizza McPuff®!

Dad: 1, You: 💗

When you’re older 🤓

Remember when Mum was out of town, and Dad let you play your favorite video game on condition that you spent quality-time with him? Bonus: He ordered y’all burgers, fries, and milkshakes – a whole spread!

Dad: 2, You: 💗💗

When you’re good friends 🤗

Remember when you came home from work and Dad welcomed you in?

“How was work, Kid?”

“Tiring. But today was a good day!”

“Shall we make it better? It’s Ma’s day off, can we order some food from McDonald’s? We’re craving those Chicken McNuggets® you and your brother always get,” he grins.

Dad: 3, You: 💗💗💗♾️

These moments are so priceless and sweet! Maybe you’re even older now, maybe Dad’s retired, maybe you’re calling him more often now to check on him – roles have changed, but love hasn’t missed a beat.

Happy Father’s Day

“Dad, what do you want? I’ll get your order,” you say.

“That new burger you introduced me to… The McChicken® Fiesta Burger. And fries!!!”

“What, no Pizza McPuff®?!” you grin widely.

“That’s your favorite! I want the new McChicken® burger, please,” your dad exclaims.


Times change, tastes change (flavors too!), this we can be sure of. But like a father’s love, the bond between a loving parent and child remains unchanged. It’s the same feeling that inspires our meals at McDonald’s. That feeling of comfort, love, and trust that we take pleasure in providing at McDonald’s. Constant and reassuring!

As you celebrate Dad, come enjoy a family meal at McDonald’s – it’s a good time to load up on your fave burgers and sides! Great coffee for Dad too – after all, McDonald’s is the *only* one he approves of, economical and tasty too!

Whatever your dad’s preference, our offers are many. You can get a McDonald’s Family Pack at a great deal via the McDonald’s App while dining in-store! If, of course, Papa and the fam have indoor plans, we understand – order at home with the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App!

To Dads – young, new, and seasoned 😉 – we appreciate you! Happy Father’s Day 💞

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