All that crispy ‘nom nom’ because it’s Fried Chicken Day! 🍗

When McDonald’s fried chicken is on the menu, National Fried Chicken Day *is* every day! 😝

Our friends in the South know the ‘Crispy Fried Chicken’ LOVE all too well!

Could it be more perfect that July 6 is celebrated as National Fried Chicken Day? It just goes so beautifully with the cool weather. The delicious crunchiness of spicy fried chicken paired with fries and a favorite drink… Oh, it’s giving indulgent vibes!

But… Wait.

What makes our spicy fried chicken so treasured, so special, so favored?

Our McSpicy™ Fried Chicken is beloved for the punch it packs – after all, it’s juicy chicken meat in a crispy coating! The chicken pieces we select are marinated in a batter that features the best herbs and spices. There is one spice in particular that elevates the taste of our McSpicy™ Fried Chicken. Any guesses? That spice is the very, very hot Ghost Pepper or Bhut Jolokia, y’all!

We Indians love our spice, and it’s no hidden truth that we handle it well!

McDonald’s Fried Chicken is ‘Real Food, Real Good’

Another reason to celebrate National Fried Chicken Day is that our McSpicy Fried Chicken has NO Artificial Colors, NO Artificial Flavors, and NO Artificial Preservatives. There is NO MSG added, making this protein even more desirable to the Indian palate! The chicken we use passes 64 unique quality tests, too. ✅

National Fried Chicken Day, hip, hip, hooray!

Whether it’s our McSpicy™ Fried Chicken (at our South India outlets) you prefer – our Chicken McNuggets®, or the McChicken® and Chicken Maharaja Mac® burger patties you like, our fried chicken menu items are made to ‘delight’! P.S. They pair awesomely with our sides too.

Now, if you’re visiting your fave McDonald’s store in the South for some crispy fried chicken, use the McDonald’s App at our restaurant to score on our current offers! If you’re ordering in, the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App will help with offers that are great on the pocket and super tasty on the palate! Wink, wink!

Happy Fried Chicken Day, friends! 🍗

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