Grab a cup of hot beverage for the cold days

Winter is coming! Ah, the season of tipping temperatures, foggy mornings, knitwear, and icy breaths is here. There obviously is a constant need to stay warm. And this time of the year, wrapping your hands around a steaming hot tea or coffee mug feels heavenly and exhilarating. More so when it’s from the McDonald’s hot beverages menu, right? The baristas from McCafé® are at work to give you the most skillfully brewed drink that warms your heart, like a delectable Latte or a McDonald’s Hot Chocolate. So get winter-ready with a piping cuppa from McDonald’s. The goodness of 100% Arabica beans, steamed milk, frothy textures, minty and fruity flavors, and much more on the menu is yours to savor!

Enjoy every moment of the winter season with McCafé®’s delectable hot beverages menu.

You can start your day with a smooth and sophisticated Latte while you read your morning news.

When you are on-the-go and need to get a ton of work done, a classic cup of refreshing Cappucino can give you the energy boost you need. We also have the new Hazelnut Cappuccino which just might become your new favorite.

Looking to fight the post-lunch drowsiness? A bold and robust cup of Americano made with the signature McCafé® espresso shot can do the trick.

If you are in the mood for a morning drive to see the sunrise, a warm cuppa would be wonderful, right? With its combination of well-ground coffee beans and steamed milk that’s sinfully topped with dark froth, it’s the perfect companion.

If you plan to curl up with a good book while being embraced in a fortress of blankets, a Flat White would be awesome to have next to you.

And, and, and if you are a chai person, not to worry. McCafé®’s replenishing tea range is just as exquisite. You can opt for soulful sips of the English Breakfast, the fresh and minty goodness of the Moroccan Mint Green Tea, or the flavorsome and fruity Strawberry Green Tea.

There’s something for everyone, so how can we forget about our tiny tot customers? While you have your tea or coffee, they can enjoy a delicious McDonald’s Hot Chocolate or the new Hazelnut Chocolate. Not to brag, but some would say that it’s the best Hot Chocolate!

Enjoy the sweater weather with a wholesome cup of warmth from McCafé®. Rejuvenate with your favorite drink at your closest McDonald’s outlet. You can also have your order brought to your doorstep through the McDelivery® app or the McDelivery® website. To avail exciting offers, deals, and discounts on the best hot chocolate or other items on the menu, make sure to download the McDonald’s app.

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