The ‘Chronicles of Indian Chilies’ continue: Find this one in your kitchen!

As the temperature steadily cools in the West and South of India, our palate-o-meter goes hot, hot, hotter! What we mean: Something warm on the menu sounds ideal but better yet, if it’s got a spicy kick, flavor-wise. If you know, you know! 😌

Speaking of food with ‘heat,’ our chronicles of Indian chilies continue! Last week, we filled you in on a chili pepper variety that’s gently spiced and perfect to make a fried snack out of: the Bhavnagri Chili, found in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Today’s edition features a slightly different chili pepper from the Gujarat region: the popular, the slender, and the spicy – Jwala Chili 🔥🔥

Psst… It’s part of your kitchen pantry for sure!

Fun facts, first, Jwala (jvālā), if you look up its meaning, simply means flame in Hindi. This word is also used to signify volcano. Ahhhh, a tell-tale indicator that this chili pepper needs to be handled with plenty of skill!

In appearance, Jwala chilies are demure and tapered – they are noted to look like slightly wrinkly, long fingers! All subtlety ends there, of course! All moms and seasoned cooking professionals have learned how to work with the flavor and heat levels of the Jwala Chili to bring out its best in spicy dishes without putting our tongues to the test! 😝

Jwala chilies are typically used when green, but they mature to red too. Their capsaicin levels are stated to be at 0.40 %, phew! These chilies can also easily be cultivated at home, if you’re keen.

Sources: Krishi Jagran, Rachnakar, Savaari

All this spice talk has gotten us in our feelings, and hunger pangs, yuh! Anyone else in the mood for a McSpicy Paneer Burger® or McSpicy Chicken Burger® (a perfectly Indian McDonald’s spicy burger, oh yes!), right now? 🤤

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Until we chill – nay, ‘Chili’ again! 🥰

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