Light bites: Get your fill when you chill!

There is something we can all relate to, and that’s when you’re on a break, you just gotta have your favorite snack around to celebrate! Moreover, when the heat’s getting to you, you rather pick something light and satisfying.

Maybe you’re thinking of crispy McDonald’s fries and Fried Chicken Nuggets along with a drink? Maybe you’re looking for something a little sweet? Whatever your mMmMmood or your cravings, we’re onto your beat, to keep it light this heat!

It’s 4 PM, you’ve done a lot of shopping from store to store and need a pick-me-up…

Order: McSpicy™ Fried Chicken (available in stores in the South), Fries with Piri Piri Spice Mix, and a Coke®, or a Fanta®, or a Sprite®! You need the energy after being on your feet! Ooh, don’t forget a nice Vanilla Soft Serve ice cream for after too!

You’re meeting the buddies for a chill sesh!

Order: Chicken nuggets, Salsa Cheese Fries, Classic McDonald’s Fries, Cookies and Muffins for the table! A classic Americano, or a cooling Lotus Biscoff® Frappé, and Mango Smoothie!

You’re craving something crispy and savory!

Order: Chicken McNuggets® with Mustard Sauce, Salsa Cheesy Fries, our Classic Corn Cup, and finally – Hot Chocolate, a yummy Hazelnut Cappuccino and Soft Serve Hot Fudge!

You’re on a study break and heading out for some fresh air and something cooling to a McDonald’s nearest to you!

Order: Pizza McPuff®, Fries, Chocolate Frappé, Chocolate Shake or Soft Serve Strawberry!

You had a meeting outside that wrapped up at 5, and now it’s time to take a breather and decompress!

Order: An Americano, Flat White or a Latte, Blueberry Cup Cheesecake, or a Choco Crunch Cookie and Vanilla Chocolate Chip Muffin, some Fries and McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets to go!

Light bites that delight, and happiness that goes a loOong way! Eating in our stores is always a mood-lifter, in case you didn’t know 😌 just use our McDonald’s App at the restaurant to make your experience better. Offers galore! If you’re ordering in, scroll the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App for the best offers (gotta get your fave Fried Chicken Nuggets at a super McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets price), ordering online. That’s a wrap! Oops, we mean snack. Enjoy your happy, hearty ‘snack attack!’

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