Culinary icon, Padma Shri Chef Sanjeev Kapoor visits our kitchen and says “That’s My McDonald’s) ✨✨

A household name in India, we were chuffed to have Chef Sanjeev Kapoor in our kitchen, recently! 

Chef Sanjeev, Indian inspiration

Beloved for his cooking shows on Indian TV (Khana Khazana, anyone?), delicious + simple recipes, and charming disposition – we, with our resident Chief-slash-Chef, Swarup Solgaonkar, experienced the Sanjeev Kapoor magic, first-hand!

Chef Sanjeev features in our new brand film

Happy to have the culinary icon in our quarters, Chef Sanjeev was thrilled witnessing McDonald’s in action. Chatting with Chef Swarup in our latest film by the DDB Mudra Group, Chef Sanjeev, recognised of McDonald’s popularity, and spoke about his daughter being a fan too. He mused out loud that he hadn’t considered preparing a McDonald’s style burger for her before! PLOT TWIST ✨ Well, the stage was set, and Chef Sanjeev felt up to a challenge – he’d prepare a burger himself!

Having Chef Sanjeev over is close to our hearts. Recipient of the esteemed Padma Shri Award – Chef Sanjeev’s craft, finesse, and persona have won over fellow Indians, and: Indian moms!!!!! Commendable feat 😄 👍🏽 

Happy to be associated, Chef Sanjeev felt at home in our kitchen, with Chef Swarup showing him around. Chef Sanjeev delighted in the separate veg and non-veg food storage sections from where he chose a McCheese Burger® Veg, and Chef Swarup, a McSpicy™ Chicken Burger. From there on, history was made! Chef Sanjeev learnt to administer our equipment, cooking the burgers and packing his too. He’d have liked to add more cheese – it’s 100% real milk cheese, after all. 🤤 Noted for his quips in the kitchen, we were treated to a cheery “Gharma garam!” (“Hot, hot!”) as Chef Sanjeev toasted the buns. 😄 He finished by making our classic McDonald’s fries, chuckling at the salting station! Namak Swad Anusar 🧂 Fits in with our tenet, ‘Real Food, Real Good,’ drawing customers’ taste-buds to menu offerings that have NO artificial colors, NO artificial preservatives, and NO artificial flavors – NO added MSG, too.

Here’s how Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is amazed by McDonald’s top priority on quality and hygiene

Meeting Chef Sanjeev Kapoor = Coolest thing on our 2024 bingo card 

Chef Sanjeev registered our commitment to our objectives around food standards, hygiene, and safety – QSCV (Quality, Safety, Cleanliness, Value). Impressed with McDonald’s India’s high-quality equipment + processes, including our use of separate kitchens alongside fresh ingredients to work with (he had all the cheese burger ingredients ready) – Chef Sanjeev praised our focus lending to the crispiness, freshness, quality, taste, and texture of our meal offerings.

Our Chief Marketing Officer at McDonald’s India (W&S), Mr. Arvind R.P. expresses his enthusiasm, “Partnering with one of the most beloved names in the culinary world, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, this initiative brings forth our relentless commitment to exceptional food quality and the usage of real and fresh ingredients. Whether it’s our world class burgers, fries, or chicken, McDonald’s ensures that only the finest ingredients are used, sourced from a world-class supply chain system and implemented through best-in-class restaurant practices.”

Chef Sanjeev’s consensus: “Now, that’s my McDonald’s!”

This initiative is part of McDonald’s ongoing effort to enhance consumer awareness about the care and excellence embedded in every aspect of their operations. 

The Real Food Real Good platform, launched in 2022, showcases McDonald’s ongoing efforts to be transparent with its food choices. McDonald’s India (W&S) has eliminated artificial colours, artificial preservatives, and artificial flavours, with no added MSG, from select food items, demonstrating a commitment to providing customers with wholesome options. In addition, McDonald’s displays allergen and nutritional information in-store and on its McDelivery app for the entire menu, empowering customers to make informed and healthy food choices. This attention to detail and uncompromising focus on quality exemplify McDonald’s India’s unwavering commitment to providing the best dining experience for every customer.

To ensure unwavering food quality and safety standards, McDonald’s India adopts meticulous practices that prioritize customer satisfaction. The implementation of the Daily Product Safety Checklist (DPSC) at the McDonald’s store three times a day guarantees that all food served is not only safe, but also meets the highest standards. Rigorous attention is paid to maintaining optimal equipment temperatures to ensure that every dish is served hot and fresh. The brand’s commitment to cleanliness and purity reinforces its strict hygiene protocols.

We are proud the i’m lovin’ it feeling comes through when one’s eating their fave McDonald’s meal, prepared with love + great ingredients! These experiences are made better with the McDonald’s App when you drop by, and the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App when ordering in!

Thank you, Chef Sanjeev, for coming by! You’re always welcome, here 🥰 ✅ We’re proud of you + your contributions to the culinary scene in the country, and across the seas! Keeping shining, Sir 🧂 👌🏽

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