Let’s talk coffee. Let’s talk about McCafé® drinks

As winter approaches with its misty mornings and chilly nights, one looks for ways to stay warm, and what better than the perfect cuppa coffee. During these cold times, a lot of people turn to coffee to comfort themselves. This soulful concoction is an undisputed companion for the season, and McCafé® brings to you the very best of it with the coffee drinks at McDonald’s. November 23 is marked as National Espresso Day, and many of the McCafé® hot beverages are crafted with McDonald’s signature espresso shot. So, it’s the ultimate occasion to relish a coffee beverage. What makes them an exquisite indulgence is how wonderfully they are made. Our talented baristas skillfully use 100% Arabica beans, 100% real milk that is steamed and frothed to craft each cup of your wholesome caffeine fix. Their gorgeous latte art is quite praiseworthy as well.

When you get to a McDonald’s restaurant and order your cuppa, you can almost taste the aroma of the robust flavor, right? You begin to imagine how your taste buds will be soothed and your body will be warmed. And the feeling of wrapping your cold hands around a piping cup of coffee is unparalleled, isn’t it? Taking slow sips and really savoring the flavor brings so much peace and calm. Many would agree that the only motivation that gets you out of bed on a freezing day, or making it till lunch without dozing off, or simply getting you through the entire day is none other than coffee. The cozy comfort that this dark and rich drink provides is truly cherished. Let’s take a look at some of the fresh and perfectly brewed coffee drinks at McDonald’s that McCafé® has to offer.

Beat the winter blues with a coffee love affair with McCafé®.

 You can opt for the classics that don’t disappoint, like Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, McCafé® Americano and Mocha.

 Hot Chocolate and Flat White are excellent choices as well.

 The hottest and latest arrivals on the McCafé® menu are: Hazelnut Cold Coffee, Hazelnut Cappuccino, and Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. They are the perfect mood-lifters on a gloomy day.

 If you are a fan of enjoying the tipping temperatures with something cold, McDonald’s iced coffee, McCafé®-Mocha Frappe, and McCafé®-Chocolate Frappe are here for you.

 Each of the coffee drinks at McDonald’s allows you to pause, take a break, and replenish yourself for the rest of the day. Be it office breaks, weekend dates, evening refreshments, or long drives, count on McCafé® to make it special for you.

Warm your winter days with a delicious and hot cup of coffee from McCafé®. There’s lots for you to choose from, so head over to your nearest McDonald’s outlet to enjoy your beverage. If you are cocooned in the embrace of your blankets, not to worry. You can also get your McCafé® order brought to you through the McDelivery® app or the McDelivery® website. For deals and offers on the best iced coffee or other coffee drinks at McDonald’s, download the McDonald’s app.

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